There is something intriguing and interesting about the African travels. The sheer delight of being in a land of the African extravaganza itself sets the tone for your tours here. So as you come here and enjoy the pleasures of the country, visit Algiers and go back with the greatest travel memories.

For here is where you would surely find the best kind of travel sights and the most fascinating architectural forms. So come here and see the many public buildings of interest. This includes the Kasbah quarter and the Martyrs Square besides of course the government offices which are considered to be true works of art. So you also have the Ketchaoua Mosques, the Roman Catholic cathedral and the Bardo Museum here which all come under the great Algiers buildings. Add to the Turkish place which was constructed in the years 1799 to 1800 and you have the perfect foundation for a lovely architetectural tour of the place.

Bardo Musiam

Kasbah is the main building in Algiers and was constructed in the year 1516. This is the site of a building that was here earlier and was the palace of the deys till the French conquered this place. Today there is a road that has been cut through the centre of the entire building, and where the mosque has been turned into barracks and the hall of audience is all in ruins. There is a minaret that is there still and there are a collection of arches and columns made of marble today. There are also proofs which show that vaults were here to store the treasures of the Dey.

There is the Great Mosque the oldest in Algiers. Built by Yusuf Ibn Tashfin, this has been constructed many times. The pulpit has an inscription that shows that the building existed here in the year 1097. The entire minaret was made by the Sultan of Tlmencen in the year 1324. The mosque is very beautiful in the interiors and has many aisles and columns that are joined by the Moorish arches.

Then there is the new Mosque which belongs to the 17th century and is a Greek cross and mounted o a cupolas which is white in colour. There are four small cupolas in the corners and the 90 feet minaret is a lovely structure that resembles the Grand Mosque a lot.

Holy Trinity Church

Then you have the Holy Trinity church which was constructed in the year 1870 and is at the southern end of the Rue D’Isly and is near the site of the Fort Bab AZoum which is a demolished site. The inner part is totally decorated with a lot of coloured marbles. These marbles have a lot of inscriptions which are linked t the British residents who lived here in Algiers before.

Then visit the Ketchaoua Mosque which is at the base of the Casbah and existed before the independence in the year 1962. It was the cathedral of St. Phillipe and it was made in the year 1845 from a mosque which was built sometime in 1612. The main entrance is reached by a flight of around 23 steps and is decorated with a portico that is supported by four marble columns with black veins. The roof of the nave is made of Moorish plaster work. The roof rests on a series of arcades and this is supported by white marble columns. There are many columns that belong to the original mosque. There was a tomb having the bones of San Geromino on one of the chapels and this is a lovely blend of Byzantine and Moorish styles.

Ketchaoua Mosque Casbah

There are a lot of law, science, medicine  Colleges and the buildings are handsome and large. The Bardo Museum in Tunisia is one that has many ancient sculptures and also Algerian mosaics with a lot of money and medals.

Algiers is a walled city from the time of the deys till the 19th century ends. The French occupied the city and built many ramparts, parapets and ditches and forts too. Today it is a great tourist’s locale and an ideal travel destination.