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Best Places to Go Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Mountain Gorilla in Virunga

In just a few weeks you can discover one of the top gorilla trekking places in Africa together with some interesting wildlife viewing destinations. Many have tracked gorillas in Africa but among the many places where you can see places, a few are accessible and have been developed for gorilla tourism. The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in Congo are the three most popular gorilla tracking places that will never disappoint.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

If you want to visit all the three top national parks, better start with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the beautiful forested jungles and its exciting tour activities.

Bwindi forest offers memorable gorilla safaris in Uganda and an adventure to this UNESCO world heritage site is packed full of highlights of great primate encounters, nature walks, waterfall hikes, community  visits especially that of the pygmies or Batwa people among others.

Exploring a remote rain forest as well as admiring the life of the forest people”Batwa”is a fantastic Africa safari experience hard to find anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the forest people who surrendered their historical home to mountain gorillas and other forest habitats giving way to more gorilla conservation effort and gorilla tourism in general. Most Uganda gorilla tours begin with a long day drive where you enjoy the superb views of landscape hills overlooking each other with nice located homesteads, rocks etc. This amazing trek ends in sensational style as you enjoy breath taking forest features.

Volcanoes National Park

Head to Rwanda for an amazing gorilla trek in the Volcanoes National Park that is always outstanding with excitement because of the rare mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Within Rwanda, other places to visit is the Dian Fossey Tomb, a place where you visit the home of the late Dian Fossey and the Virunga Mountains where you can experience rewarding hikes among others.

East Africa is famous for the quality and variety of its stunning gorilla treks, hikes and great wildlife viewing opportunities but Rwanda and the Volcanoes National Park in particular ranks among the top Africa gorilla treks. The multi- day gorilla treks are often based on mountain gorillas and golden monkeys which kick off every morning after briefing from the park ranger guides.

The beautiful treks and hikes throughout the bamboo forest provide different primate experience, landscape and nature but the gorilla trek hikes provide a life exciting network that create amazing gorilla trekking holidays in Rwanda. Choosing to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda and being aware of the hidden primate treasures that exit can separate the extraordinary from the everyday tourist experience.

Selecting from a lifetime gorilla trek is very difficult but when done right, it will ensure a memory of a life-time holiday.Iby’wacu cultural village unveiled Rwanda culture and it’s a place where the past meets the present. Several cultural opportunities benefit visitors who engage in some cultural activities.

Virunga National Park

It’s good to experience the Virunga National Park, the oldest national park that protects the mountain gorillas. From the Virunga, you have the chance to hike the famous Nyiragongo volcano, an active volcano where you will see live magma  and also admire the endless views.

The Virunga National park an exciting combination of gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo volcano hiking. Come and take awesome Congo gorilla trekking tour and also hike the wonders of active volcanoes of Nyiragongo. This is the most unique gorilla trekking itinerary that provides slightly much more rewarding hiking and treks in the beautiful jungle of Virunga forest. It’s easy to connect from Rwanda in Gisenyi and most convenient for fit tourists as well as those with at least for-five days around Rwanda. Friendly supportive guides and guards and park rangers make sure it’s an experience you can never forget.

Driving Rules in Nigeria You Shouldn’t Take for Granted

Driving in Nigeria

Planning to drive a car rental in Nigeria and you aren’t certain of which driving rules to observe? Driving in Nigeria is exciting experience of its own but failure to observe anyone of the country’s rules and regulations may cost you. It can cost you time or money if you break the traffic rules. Whereas there is possibility for you to break the traffic laws and even manage to get away with them, on the other hand, others may not be lucky enough. No matter the weight of your consequence, ignorance of the law shouldn’t be an excuse.

Some of the essential driving rules in Nigeria you observe

Do not use your mobile phone when driving in Nigeria

Whether you are driving a car rental in Nigeria or your own, use of mobile phone is highly prohibited. Such behavior has greatly contributed to most road accidents. According to research, about 1.6 million road accidents are caused every year due to use of mobile phone while driving.

Always be on your seat belt

Driving with seat belts on to others is boasting but it is for your safety. This driving rule shouldn’t be taken for granted and therefore, before driving your car rental to any part of Nigeria ensure that you are on a seat belt and even the rest of your colleagues are on their seat belts.

Lights and reflectors must be in their better condition

Before you drive the car from the offices, ensure the lights and reflectors are in their better condition. In Nigeria, it is mandatory for your car rental to be roadworthy and these include having signs that can tell that the vehicle is behind you and what could be your next turn. This particular rule plays a significant role especially if you happen to drive at night when visibility can be challenging.

Avoid roads designated as One Way/No entry

When driving in Nigeria, higher chances are you may want to beat the traffic especially in city or big towns like Lagos, Abuja. Most drivers have this habit of taking shortcuts for instance taking the routes marked “one way/no entry.” While traffic police have forgiven others, it shouldn’t be something to take for granted.

Always observe speed limits

Do not disobey the stipulated speed limits as this may land you on the wrong part of the driving rules and regulations. You realize that in some states in Nigeria especially Lagos, you can be asked to take a psychiatric test. Always observe the speed limited set at road construction sites/any other route.

Do not drive without a driver’s license or learner’s permit

A valid driver’s license or learner’s permit is a must-have if you are to drive a car rental in Nigeria or any part of Africa. All drivers are required to present their driver’s license upon request by the road/traffic official.

Observe the traffic light signals

When driving in Nigeria, disobeying the traffic light signals can cost you much. The traffic light signals play a significant role in ensuring orderly flow of cars provided they aren’t disobeyed. Disobeying them may cause fatal accident something not required while you are on a road trip.

Never drive under the influence of drugs/alcohol

This driving rule applies to nearly all countries. Driving a car rental in Nigeria when you are drank or under the influence of drugs isn’t safe because it puts you on serious danger.

Never overtake another car wrongfully

Behavior like this, has led to road traffic accidents. In case you find the vehicle in-front of you is moving slowly and while it is fine to overtake it, ensure you do so carefully and where possible alert the person ahead. Please note, not all places overtaking can be done for instance wet roads, road bends, when vision is impaired by rain/light, driving at night, narrow road and others.

Save as You Explore Uganda

Uganda Hippo

Did you know you can see the Equator and  also visit the Igongo cultural museum in mbarara for free, get full meals all day for less than $20 and spend a night in one of Uganda best safari camp at $30? How about  tracking gorillas in bwindi forest at $350, viewing wildlife at lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls national park  and a visit to lake Bunyonyi islands at a fare offer in just a minimum of 10 days. It’s interesting to do a budget holiday and save hundreds of dollars off your Uganda vacation no matter where you go. Get great local knowledge of Uganda budget tour experiences before embarking on yours a thing which will make your tour more wonderful than never before. You should forget push cars, bars, drinks and un necessary expenditures in order to make it successful. Consider the following and your Budget holidays will be marvelous.

Budget Tour Packages

Uganda has a number of budget tour packages for its visitors full of a lot to discover from Nature wildlife excursion, Game drives to capture sight of the Big Five in their nature habitat and other diversity of wild animals, culture, birding, beach and city gateways.

But its better if you lookout for free amazing activities or tour activities with good discounts and can only take a few dollars from your pocket. Visiting the source of the Nile, Sezibwa falls, white water rafting, wildlife viewing and island adventures to either Ssese or Bunyonyi Island are the most recommended.

Here a private budget tour is recommended in order to avoid over charge from local service providers who think all foreigners come to spend. Book with a responsible tour expert   who will take responsibility of transport accommodation, and organizing your trip itinerary .It will cost you not more than $1000 depending on your interest, activities and number of days.


At least every tourist attraction in Uganda can be accessible by road means of transport. Taxi, boda bodas (Motorbikes) and public transport buses should be your trend as long as you chose to discover the country on budget. Some times you can request you travel expert to guide you on how you can explore a destination alone if you want to spend a few extra dollars on another adventure after your budget holiday.

It happened when you return from southwestern Uganda tour adventures and you feel eastern Uganda should be your next spot. Public transport is flexible and cheap when it comes to travels around the country. Be flexible and love your adventure. For long distances public transport will cost you a minimum of $15 that is from Kampala to Kabale one way   and $3 from Kampala to Jinja. It’s exciting to share some services with locals and a common trend when it comes to budget adventures.

Budget Lodging

Look out for cheap and affordable hostels, campsites and lodges in parks and city centers on Bed & Breakfast basis like Kampala backpackers, Fatcats hostel, Redchil hostel, Nile river campsite, adrift campsite etc. Make sure you stick to your budget per night in order to save more and more. Despite the shared toilets and bathrooms all camps are well organized with good food and security. Tourists who spend nights here even get discounts on the day’s tourist activities operated by campsite or hostel owners especially white water rafting adventures in Jinja.

Above all they are less expensive and authentic. Roasted meat, sandwiches, chips and chicken plus local food and drinks go for less when got from street vendors and markets than in elevated Restaurants.

Always book camps and hostels on B&B basis and move out for lunch and dinner to catch up with cheap offers. Its amazing to budget for exciting and fun than doing it for the sake. Fantastic idea for sole travelers or groups.

Exploring Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal Beaches

The promise of the place was discerned centuries ago by tribes people for whom the sheltered bay offered a tranquil haven, teeming with game, birds and fish. Over the years,Kwazulu-Natal saw its share of conflict as British, Boer and Zulu struggled for ascendancy.

Over the years, Kwazulu-Natal’s holiday accommodation has grown and streamlined itself, and now attracts millions of visitors each year. Today, Kwazulu-Natal is considered to be one of the fastest growing regions in South Africa and attracts a year round stream of holiday makers.

Durban is the capital city of Kwazulu-Natal and is famous for its ‘Golden Mile’ of hotels, beaches and seaside entertainment. On this strech of coast, the beach and pedestrian reign supreme among African craft markets, pavement cafe’s and beach promenades. It’s an ideal spot from which to watch the world go by, and if you tire of this, a host of sights and activities lies within convenient walking distance.

A lively rickshaw ride along the coast tops the list of attractions. These colorfully decorated two wheelers, a unique feature of the beachfront, have come to symbolize Durban as a tourist city. Clustered around the beach are stalls of Zulu bead and basket sellers. Close by is the seaworld complex, where trained dolphins are put through their paces several times a day. They can also be viewed along with sharks, turtles and other marine life through the glass tanks in the aquarium.

At the start of the century, Durban was a booming colonial city in touch with the world beyond its shores. Architectural style was shifting from Victorian to Edwardian, and an extraordinary range of buildings sprung up.

Nighttime in Durban is fun time, offering a wealth of after-dark diversions. After a hot and active day, the beachfront is an ideal place to begin an evening jaunt with sundowner in hand while watching the ships light up in the outer anchorage. Many of the nightspots are found within the all-star cast of hotels along the beachfront. Restaurants, cocktail bars and discos bustle into the early hours of the morning with swarms of pleasure seeking holiday makers.

The late 1800’s saw a mass influx of people from India. This community of people brought with them a rich tapestry of language, architecture and cuisine. A visit to the Grey Street trading area and the Indian market presents a kaleidoscope of sight, scent and sound. Windows are crammed with dazzling jewellery, trinkets and saris.

In addition to its luxuriant city verges, Durban has many formal islands of green.Best known of these are the Botanical gardens of Berea, a tranquil haven for birds and plants.

Day drives north of Durban are set against a backdrop of almost continuous rippling green: these are the sweeping fileds of sugar cane. The old North Coast Road, dubbed the Sugar Way, winds it way through a string of small towns , all of which owe their existence to sugar: colorful Vermeulen , Tongaat with its temple towers and neo_cape Dutch architecture, the Tongati River with a crocodile farm on its banks, and Stranger where the Zulu king, Shaka, built his last kraal before being assassinated in 1828.

Shaka’s Way is the name given to the coastal drive which sweeps along the shore before veering inland. It takes in the busy resort of Umhlanga, with luxury hotels, golden sands and a protected dune forest – then passes by various smaller towns of the Dolphin Coast. From Umdloti beach to Zinkwazi, there are numerous beach holiday gems set in tranquil Mediterranean like surrounds.

On the south bank of the Tugela river is the Fort Pearson historical area with a national monument commemorating the Anglo-Zulu conflict. A big attraction of the Zululand hills is the game: black and white rhino, giraffe, elephant, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, antelope, crocodile and hippo can be viewed in the various inland reserves. Umfolozi and Hluhluwe, proclaimed in 1987, are both manageable as day outings. Within close reach of these reserves is the angling and bird paradise of Lake St Lucia.

The subtropical charms of the Kwazulu-Natal south coast has an endless ribbon of sandy beaches, fringed by evergreen coastal forest and dotted with pretty lagoons. Highrise blocks tower over dunes, and clusters of hotels and seaside villages stand at the interface of land and ocean.

From Amanzimtoti to Port Edward, a multitude of resorts has sprung up, but the nature has not been suppressed. Everywhere the wild flowers bloom, adding their magic to the ‘Strelitzia Coast’ which stretches as far as Scottburgh, and to the ‘Hibiscus Coast’ which extends southwards to Port Edward. Holiday-makers head south with different aims: scuba divers make for the Aliwal Shoal near Clansthal – a notorious spot for shipwrecks but a diver’s delight; craft-collectors are drawn to the road-side curio stalls with their range of Zulu basket- and bead work, carvings, pottery and fresh fruit; while sun-lovers go in search of a beach for swimming, surfing, fishing or just sunning.

Nature lovers, wanting to escape the heat of a summer’s day, will enjoy the bird sanctuary and Llanda Wilds Nature Reserve at Amanzimtoti. Just outside Scottburgh is Crocworld, where crocodiles can be viewed in quiet captivity. Further south and slightly inland of Umzinto, the Vernon Crookes Reserve offers abundant bird-life and is well-stocked with game. From here, the coastal road to Port Shepstone takes in many small holiday hideaways, various angling resorts and a few larger coastal towns. Inland of Port Shepstone is the breathtaking sight of Oribi Gorge, carved out by the powerful Umzimkulu River. The densely forested slopes of this ravine are home to baboons, leopards, wild cats, antelope, and many beautiful birds.

How to Choose the Best Car Rental Agency in Uganda

Drive Uganda

Car hire services have become the most travel alternative for travelers on self-drive or guided safari in Uganda or Rwanda and Africa at large. However, with so many car hire companies that ever cropping up, to choose the best to deal with is the most challenging part of planning a safari holiday in any destination. When choosing the best car hire company/agency to deal with; reliability, trustworthiness, convenience are key factors to put into consideration. Considering so many options right at your fingertips, it is essential to choose the best car hire agency that suits your travel needs.

The reputation of a car hire company

When choosing the best car hire Uganda company, first you need to find out how reputable that company is. Higher chances are a reputable car hire company can avail more reliable car hire services and at end you get value for your money. Most car hire sites have reviews and rating from their previous clients which you too can use to guide you appropriately to understand if their services are prompt. As well, read through ‘about us’ pages to ascertain how long they have been in service and the longer period/experience, the better.


Deal with a car hire company that is going to make it as convenient for you as the renter as possible. This will help you save not only time but also money. Reserve a rental car with a car hire company earlier before your actual trip since this usually comes with incredible offers say discounts.

Choose car Hire Company whose rentals cars have comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is added advantage since it protects car Hire Company from expenses especially in cases of collision damages as well as motor third party. This means you won’t be responsible for related expenses. But this doesn’t mean that insurance covers your health and so make sure that you have personal insurance sorted for safety reasons.

Human interaction

This is essential as it helps you find out what time to pick up the car and drop off time as well as other details, for instance extra charges in case of late drop off, restrictions and many others. Note you won’t find answers for all questions online or by reading through commonly asked questions. A face to face interaction with reservation team at their office can earn you adequate details for you to understand clearly before making any transaction.

The rates and other offers

Each car hire company has its set prices for rental cars. When choosing which car rental company to deal with, make sure that you know how much their cars can be hired. Most importantly, you can read through various car hire company websites and compare their rates so that you get one whose prices are within your wallet and also come with other better offers. This will help you save for other things that may be of significance while you are on a holiday in Uganda or Rwanda.

Look out for complementary services

Every car hire company in Uganda has something additional to provide clients as way to out compete others. This means that before you choose a car hire company to deal with, make sure you do adequate research to ascertain which one has the best offers for instance road assistance, road maps, GPS, mobile phone to mention but a few.

Customer care

When choosing which car hire company to deal with, first take a look at their services. Most importantly, deal with a car rental company that prioritizes a customer first. By so doing, you will be in position to get details about the company and all that you need to know before you opt to deal with them.

In summary, with the above tips, we believe you will certainly find the best car hire company to deal with. Get in touch with our reservation team and we shall have you sorted!

10 Tips For Female Travelers To Uganda

Solo Female Traveler

Are you a female traveler and you want to know everything that is required of you while on a Uganda safari? For female travelers who are interested in visiting Uganda this coming holiday, we have provided some of the tips that we feel will be of great help to you as you plan to have the most enjoyable and exciting safari in Africa. They are of significant value to first time or repeat travelers on African safari;

How to get to Uganda

Unlike before, today traveling to Uganda has become simpler given that there are airlines that have kept on joining the travel sector and hence expanding Uganda’s routes. In case you are residing on the East Coast of the United States starting October 2018, you will have a direct flight to Nairobi where you will connect to Entebbe International Airport for about an hour flight. Uganda is accessible through Entebbe International Airport as well as Kigali International Airport where you can easily link to Southwestern side of Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which feature among the very few remarkable protected areas in the world where mountain gorillas are tracked each day in Uganda.


Your dressing code also matters a lot more when it comes to Uganda safaris. In case you are within Kampala city centre, you will come across most of females dressed up well and a bit of classic fashion even when they are second hand clothes from North America or Europe. This means you have also to be dressed smartly in a conservative manner especially during daytime, night and bar as things can easily change. Avoid shorts as this in most cases violets African cultures. Jeans, dresses, skirts, khaki trousers are better for any cultural problems. Note that your dressing code for Uganda safaris will be totally different from that in town.

Do not come along with your expensive jewelry

Do not put on gold jewelry, necklaces, gold or even diamond earrings, costly watches and others. Note that these are the most looked for items by most people and you can easily lose them especially in the most crowded areas. However, our driver guides will be there to make sure that all your property is kept well. But note that safety starts with you so the best way should be for you to keep them off from safari.

Safety and security in Uganda

Uganda is one of the safest safari destinations in Africa and its people and very humble and warm welcoming. In addition to the usual police, there is a tourism police which is responsible to solving tourism related queries. These officers are working allover the country together with park rangers as well as other security organs to ensure that visitors are safe and secure while they enjoy their vacation. If you are on a self-drive safari in Uganda national parks, it is important to get a ranger guide who will take you on a guided tour. He will ensure not only your safety but also help you spot some animals.

Keep money out of sight and out of easy reach of others

In case you are putting on slacks and or jeans make sure you have kept your wallet, money in the front of pockets and keep your hand over it just in case you are taking a walk down town where you will encounter crowds especially for the market areas. If you are planning to purchase something, makes sure that you do it in a restaurant as this won’t attract the attention of the thieves. In case you are using ATM ensure that it is behind a door for safety reasons.

Make sure that your bag is safe

Whereas it is best idea to wear your bag across your shoulder, it is also wise that you put your hand over it to prevent it from being grabbed. It hurts that your bag gets grabbed and yet it contained your valuable especially passport, airline ticket, money, ATM and many more. To stay safe, you can scan your documents and keep them in a different area.

Passport safety

Avoid traveling with your passport with you all the time. You can use a copy of it but still keep it safe and in secure area while at the lodge. Make sure you keep safe of your passport at all times to avoid being disappointed.

Avoid lonely walking

Do not behave like you have got lost on the way even during day time or even at night. Avoid slum areas and keep within the main roads. Behaving as if you are lost attracts the attention of thieves.

Getting around safely in Uganda

While boda-boda motorcyclists are all over the country, they may not be the safest means for you to navigate through Uganda, they should have helmets. And if you have gadgets like tablets, smart phones, laptops and many more, make sure that they are well protected. The best and safest way for you to navigate through Uganda is basically hiring a safari car with a reputable and reliable tour company and we are among the very few most reliable tour operators that offer wide range of comfortable and pocket friendly car hire in Uganda.

How to defuse flirtation attempts

As a female traveler, you will face an occasional attempt by men at a flirting and this isn’t in Uganda or Rwanda alone, it can take place in any part of the world. Make sure that you keep your sense of humor at all times.

Eating out and staying well

If you are hungry, do not eat out in most of the street vendors given their hygiene. However, Uganda is famous for Rolex and you can grab one while in any of the restaurants or hotel. Do not depend on the salads unless it if served to you at a good standard restaurant or hotel and if you are vegetarian, Uganda is the ideal destination that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on African safari.

You will need a mobile phone-preferably a smart phone

You can get a local mobile phone at $8 to $25 plus a Sim Card and you will be in position to get connected with people back home and also within Uganda. MTN and Airtel Uganda are the leading phone providers that you can deal with. Other useful travel requirements to take note of include visas and yellow fever vaccination.

In conclusion, Uganda is undeniably one of the most remarkable safari destinations that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on African safari whether for self drive or guided adventures. If you are a female traveler and you are planning to travel to Uganda, we believe that the above tips will guide you and you will have the most enjoyable and exciting safari in Africa.

This article first appeared on Miss Frugal Mommy

10 Car Accessories for a Great Road Trip in Africa

Top Car Accessories

Need to make difference in your road trip this coming holiday? Well, to have the best of your road trip in East Africa, a number of things are involved. A road trip to any destination means spending more time behind the wheel. With update systems, you can upgrade your ride and improve your experience while on road by making it secure, smoother and more exciting. Among other things to consider include;

Mirror dash camera

Safety while on a road trip is very essential and the best way to do so is by having a dash camera. Besides capturing fun videos, it is also good for cases of accidents as it can provide evidence to law enforcement and insurance. You can get both the front view and rear view footage in a small package which is easy to install. Cameras also help with alerts for any likely cases of fatigue especially after every 2 hours of driving.

Fingerless driving gloves

With fingerless driving gloves, not only will you keep your finger from cold but they also help make you feel very keen person behind the wheel. The fingerless are made of smooth leather and have intricate perforations for breathability.

Paper or google maps

Because there is no cell service elsewhere, paper maps are good for you or use Maps.me-a free app which permits you to download detailed maps that you can use offline and with no cell service and serve as GPS. They are of great help as you drive to that remote area for a holiday.

Extra money

What makes a trip is money without higher chances are that you can’t to where you want to be or what you need. Traveling means you have to purchase something en-route or on return journey.

First aid kit

This is good for everyone planning a road trip. It contains basic supplies like band aids, wipes, emergency blankets, bandages and safety pins, antiseptic among others. First aid or medical kit are essential whether you are heading off for beach relaxation or long trip to new destination-in fact it is a must to have for visitors on safari.

Car back organizer

With a car back organizer, you will have a clean car and means you are well-ordered. It can accommodate a number of travel accessories thus making your road trip more convenient.


Not everyplace has power or if they do, power isn’t there throughout that is why you need flashlight/torch in case of no power.

Notebooks, pens

These will mainly help you write down your thoughts or leaving a note of the car you accidentally bumped.

Others include smart tire safety monitor to monitor the tire pressure, trail nest rooftop hammock-to help you relax on top of the car while enjoying the scenic views over the breathtaking landscape, sky camp rooftop tent which you pinch on top of the car whenever there is adventure and others.

In summary, with the above accessories, we believe that you will have the best of ultimate road trip in Africa.

Get the Best Wedding Car Rental in Rwanda

Wedding Cars

Looking for a classic bridal car to make your day special? Finding your dream car to make your day colorful is one most challenging part of planning a wedding. When considering the right venue, also think of that one stylish bridal cars from Rwanda Car Rental to make your day colorful.

Search online

While others may refer or recommend a particular car rental company, it is better that you do it yourself. Google about car rentals in Rwanda and you will be presented with a number of car hire companies that offer the same or related services. You will find list of car rentals available for hire, terms and conditions, the rates which also vary from one car hire agency to another. It is always advisable that you check at least two or more car rental companies as this will help ascertain what they offer, the rates and the type of cars.

Select the right bridal car

Everyone dreams to have something exceptional during their wedding day and the car to use is very key. When planning which bridal car to choose for your wedding, our luxurious limousines, Chrysler, Rovers and many more are always available at your service. If you cannot afford limousine then opt for our comfortable Mercedes Benz Models.

Reserve your car as early as possible

When planning wedding, there is a lot to put together and to beat the deadline, you must do things early enough. Because it is stressful and challenging to find that dream car for your day, we advise you to arrange booking as early as possible to avoid doing things in the last minute.

Choose the venue or reception

Make sure that the wedding reception is near or close to the town or city. This is one way for you to avoid incurring costs especially if your venue is in the remote area. Note, further the reception from town, the more charges you incur for bridal car.

In summary, take note of the above information and you will be the best bridal rental car in Rwanda that will make your day colorful.

7 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding Transportation


Are you planning your wedding ceremony but you do not have adequate resources? Wedding parties require a lot of budgeting it doesn’t matter what your total cost! If you are seeking ways of cutting down the costs on your wedding vehicle but still remain within that classic, stylish during your special day, we have listed some of the ways that you easily apply to save some money on bridal car and we feel they will of great help to you.

You can use a bus

This may not necessarily denote a local bus but you can get one of the best and budget bus for your day and this can be more cost effective  compared to if you rented several wedding vehicles to accommodate all the guests and this means that you can decide to bring all of them at once. This may not as stylish as a coach ore minibus but you can decorate it well with wedding ribbons and flowers just to make it also look so special.

Minicabs and taxis

For those of you who want the most surprising wedding transportation but you are not in position to rent a vintage car for you and your parents, the groom and the best man or your mum and all the other bridesmaids, you can choose to rent one remarkable vehicle for just wedding photos and have the rest of the bridal party come in a bit less than the minicabs or even be delivered by friends or family members who have cars. You can get a local cab company which provides stylish new vehicles which are a bit special and inquire if they can help decorate it for you to suit within the wedding ceremony.

Embark on your bikes

In case your wedding venues are nearer, then be environmentally friendly and save the natural environment by simply using your own bikes. The brides may not be in position to do this in a ball gown. You can decorate your bicycles with flowers and ribbons or pearls and make sure that you invest much on a tandem which you can use for many years to come.

Have it in traditional walk

In case you are lucky enough to live nearer o wedding venue and reception then you can take traditional walk with your bride and all your guests behind you. This will come with remarkable wedding photos.

Be aware of the season

Did you know that there is peak and low season when it comes to renting wedding cars? If you are keen enough, you can save up to 50 percent on low a season compared to if you hired a car during the peak season which come with high prices.

Incorporate wedding car with honeymoon

In case you are getting married abroad, you can save some money by organizing a wedding vehicle as well as honeymoon in one package. You can choose to have a honeymoon road trip and rent the best vehicle to cater for both the party and your travel.

Ask a family member or friend for a car

In case your friends or family member has one of the classic cars then you can get together and use his or her car to make the day colorful for you too and at the end of the day you would have cut costs of renting many cars.

In conclusion, wedding ceremonies are costly and require adequate planning but if the above tips are fully followed, you will certainly have a chance to save some money during your wedding day and use it for other plans as you start your new life.

Going on Self Drive in Uganda

Self Drive in Uganda

Many rental car companies do exist in Uganda, however finding a genuine company is another task,  as it involves searching the service offered , rates, type of cars offered among many others. However, at 4×4 Uganda Car Hire, everything is clear and well stated, we have already identified our self as one of the leading Uganda car hire companies offering the best to our clients and we make sure that our clients leave when satisfied. We have a wide range of cars from independent travelers, families, couples as well as business travelers. A number of factors justifies to our being among the leading Uganda car hire companies either you hire for business or safari to Uganda’s tourist attraction in the remote destination.

We receive good customer reviews; we rent our cars to a wide range of people including locals and foreigners, we judge their experience by the good reviews they write on trip advisors indicating the honesty and reliability of the company and many are satisfied with the services offered. so this help to know the company you are dealing with.

We offer Great deals and services to our customers so that they can have a great road trip experience on their safari. If you are interested in camping self-drive safari, offers free camping gears including sleeper tents, cooking equipment, chair, lamps, and mattresses to ensure that you enjoy to the best. We also offer free airport pick-up and transfers for our clients to their respective hotels in Kampala city Uganda’s capital. We hire our cars on unlimited mileage condition; you are free to drive your car with no restrictions within the country.

We are among the few rental companies offering Special offers and discounts on our car rentals. A 10% discount is given to our clients who hire a car for more than a week hence getting value of their money. Return clients are also catered for in a special way. This has kept us in the seat of the leading car rental company in Uganda.

We hire a wide range of rental cars suitable to our clients depending on their interest, budget, the number of people traveling with and the destination. Our cars include saloon cars, coaster buses, and land cruisers, Rav4s, among many others.  We give a chance to our clients to choose the car best suits their desire at any time of the year. Whether you need the car for a safari to Uganda’s national park deep in the village or just want to attend a conference meeting, we got just the car you need. Land cruisers and Toyota Rav4s are the best option cars to hire for safaris and they hired from $45 to $90 without fuel and driver.

We do respond to our customers in time, we respect and reply immediately to our clients once we receive a massage via email or telephone. Our staff members are ever eager to provide a quick response to our clients in a possible way possible and also they make sure that you get what you want in a shortest period of time. We appear on other social medias like Facebook, Twitter and google plus.

We offer both self-drive and chauffeur depending on the client’s interest, we have a team of drivers who are well experience and they know each and every part of Uganda, they have valid driving permits with customer care service. They are well conversant with most of the route and destination within Kampala, national park and in villages. You will just seat behind and leave it all to the driver. A professional driver will give you a successful road trip in Uganda.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in our service, we will serve you with a lot of care, come and enjoy a perfect experience in Uganda. Hire yourself a car from our trusted car rental company by sending to us an inquiry to info@4x4ugandacarhire.com and find out why we are one of the best car rental companies in Uganda.

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