In just a few weeks you can discover one of the top gorilla trekking places in Africa together with some interesting wildlife viewing destinations. Many have tracked gorillas in Africa but among the many places where you can see places, a few are accessible and have been developed for gorilla tourism. The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in Congo are the three most popular gorilla tracking places that will never disappoint.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

If you want to visit all the three top national parks, better start with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the beautiful forested jungles and its exciting tour activities.

Bwindi forest offers memorable gorilla safaris in Uganda and an adventure to this UNESCO world heritage site is packed full of highlights of great primate encounters, nature walks, waterfall hikes, community  visits especially that of the pygmies or Batwa people among others.

Exploring a remote rain forest as well as admiring the life of the forest people”Batwa”is a fantastic Africa safari experience hard to find anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the forest people who surrendered their historical home to mountain gorillas and other forest habitats giving way to more gorilla conservation effort and gorilla tourism in general. Most Uganda gorilla tours begin with a long day drive where you enjoy the superb views of landscape hills overlooking each other with nice located homesteads, rocks etc. This amazing trek ends in sensational style as you enjoy breath taking forest features.

Volcanoes National Park

Head to Rwanda for an amazing gorilla trek in the Volcanoes National Park that is always outstanding with excitement because of the rare mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Within Rwanda, other places to visit is the Dian Fossey Tomb, a place where you visit the home of the late Dian Fossey and the Virunga Mountains where you can experience rewarding hikes among others.

East Africa is famous for the quality and variety of its stunning gorilla treks, hikes and great wildlife viewing opportunities but Rwanda and the Volcanoes National Park in particular ranks among the top Africa gorilla treks. The multi- day gorilla treks are often based on mountain gorillas and golden monkeys which kick off every morning after briefing from the park ranger guides.

The beautiful treks and hikes throughout the bamboo forest provide different primate experience, landscape and nature but the gorilla trek hikes provide a life exciting network that create amazing gorilla trekking holidays in Rwanda. Choosing to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda and being aware of the hidden primate treasures that exit can separate the extraordinary from the everyday tourist experience.

Selecting from a lifetime gorilla trek is very difficult but when done right, it will ensure a memory of a life-time holiday.Iby’wacu cultural village unveiled Rwanda culture and it’s a place where the past meets the present. Several cultural opportunities benefit visitors who engage in some cultural activities.

Virunga National Park

It’s good to experience the Virunga National Park, the oldest national park that protects the mountain gorillas. From the Virunga, you have the chance to hike the famous Nyiragongo volcano, an active volcano where you will see live magma  and also admire the endless views.

The Virunga National park an exciting combination of gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo volcano hiking. Come and take awesome Congo gorilla trekking tour and also hike the wonders of active volcanoes of Nyiragongo. This is the most unique gorilla trekking itinerary that provides slightly much more rewarding hiking and treks in the beautiful jungle of Virunga forest. It’s easy to connect from Rwanda in Gisenyi and most convenient for fit tourists as well as those with at least for-five days around Rwanda. Friendly supportive guides and guards and park rangers make sure it’s an experience you can never forget.


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