Things to check on a car hire before you drive away: Hiring a car in Uganda is incredible only if it is done right. Before setting off for your holiday to any destination, first, cross-check on key things to ensure that you have a safe and secure self drive tour in the Pearl of Africa.


Before you set off for a self drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park or Murchison Falls National Park, first, check the car’s fluid levels, oil, hydraulic, brake fluid and coolant. Low coolant levels and oil fluids can be indicators of leakage.


Your vehicle must have fully functioning lights to ensure that you safely drive even if it is at night or in case of mist. The brake lights should be fine and they are essentials in alerting the rest of the drivers in case you plan to braking. All the indicators must be properly functioning to help other drivers get notified when you need to turn left or right when perhaps overtaking.

Inspect the interior

When hiring a car in Uganda or any part of the world, it is essential to always exercise patience and carryout adequate inspection on the vehicle. Check, find every damages, scratches on the car and make your car rental service provider notified.


Prior setting off  for your Uganda road trip, make sure that your car’s wipers function well. Find out if they can clear the water from the windscreen. Use the windscreen washers, spray through the windscreen and find out if the wipers perform their work.

Wheels & tyres

The wheels and tyres of the car you plan to use must be in better shape-check if they are worn out or requires to be replaced. Cross check the tyres surface if they have any damages, bubbles or inflections. The tyres’ air pressure is the other essential thing you must be checked before you hit the road to your dream destination.

Brake pads

The brake pad wear is another significant component that must be cross-checked. If the brake pads wears below 5mm then it may require to be replaced. The hand brake must be functioning well to ensure that you have a smooth road trip in Uganda.

Drive belts

Conduct thorough examination on the drive belts in case of any cracks. In case of any damages/worn out, there are higher chances for the engine to shutdown.

Brakes & clutch

It is also important to ascertain how the car can react when braking while you are on the road trip in Uganda. Note, driving a car that can’t be controlled under braking isn’t safe to hit the road while on a Uganda safari.

Familiarize yourself with car’s dashboard

Check the dashboard, find out which gauge is for speed, fuel etc. Check if the temperature gauge does display any warning lights.

Test the GPS/navigation system

In case the rental car you plan to use for a Uganda self drive has a GPS, make sure that you are familiar with its operations. Where you have no GPS, make the best use of the Maps.

Valid & right insurance

Take time and cross-check your car hire contract, find out if the car is insured or not. Interestingly, when you rent a car in Uganda with us, you are covered because our cars are comprehensively insured.

Start the engine before

Before heading off for your road trip, make sure that you test the car engine if it functions. Keenly monitor the car engine’s sound if it has issues or not and you can be in position to ascertain whether to use the rental car or not.


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