Many rental car companies do exist in Uganda, however finding a genuine company is another task,  as it involves searching the service offered , rates, type of cars offered among many others. However, at 4×4 Uganda Car Hire, everything is clear and well stated, we have already identified our self as one of the leading Uganda car hire companies offering the best to our clients and we make sure that our clients leave when satisfied. We have a wide range of cars from independent travelers, families, couples as well as business travelers. A number of factors justifies to our being among the leading Uganda car hire companies either you hire for business or safari to Uganda’s tourist attraction in the remote destination.

We receive good customer reviews; we rent our cars to a wide range of people including locals and foreigners, we judge their experience by the good reviews they write on trip advisors indicating the honesty and reliability of the company and many are satisfied with the services offered. so this help to know the company you are dealing with.

We offer Great deals and services to our customers so that they can have a great road trip experience on their safari. If you are interested in camping self-drive safari, offers free camping gears including sleeper tents, cooking equipment, chair, lamps, and mattresses to ensure that you enjoy to the best. We also offer free airport pick-up and transfers for our clients to their respective hotels in Kampala city Uganda’s capital. We hire our cars on unlimited mileage condition; you are free to drive your car with no restrictions within the country.

We are among the few rental companies offering Special offers and discounts on our car rentals. A 10% discount is given to our clients who hire a car for more than a week hence getting value of their money. Return clients are also catered for in a special way. This has kept us in the seat of the leading car rental company in Uganda.

We hire a wide range of rental cars suitable to our clients depending on their interest, budget, the number of people traveling with and the destination. Our cars include saloon cars, coaster buses, and land cruisers, Rav4s, among many others.  We give a chance to our clients to choose the car best suits their desire at any time of the year. Whether you need the car for a safari to Uganda’s national park deep in the village or just want to attend a conference meeting, we got just the car you need. Land cruisers and Toyota Rav4s are the best option cars to hire for safaris and they hired from $45 to $90 without fuel and driver.

We do respond to our customers in time, we respect and reply immediately to our clients once we receive a massage via email or telephone. Our staff members are ever eager to provide a quick response to our clients in a possible way possible and also they make sure that you get what you want in a shortest period of time. We appear on other social medias like Facebook, Twitter and google plus.

We offer both self-drive and chauffeur depending on the client’s interest, we have a team of drivers who are well experience and they know each and every part of Uganda, they have valid driving permits with customer care service. They are well conversant with most of the route and destination within Kampala, national park and in villages. You will just seat behind and leave it all to the driver. A professional driver will give you a successful road trip in Uganda.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in our service, we will serve you with a lot of care, come and enjoy a perfect experience in Uganda. Hire yourself a car from our trusted car rental company by sending to us an inquiry to and find out why we are one of the best car rental companies in Uganda.


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