Renting a car in Tanzania for a driver guided safari or self-drive offers the most ideal solution to all visitors’ travel plans. However, the process to secure a rental in Tanzania can get a bit complicated especially when it comes to finding the right car hire service provider for a particular car. Many factors come to play when hiring a car in Tanzania or any destination and choosing the right car hire company or agency.

Book your car in Tanzania early

When you think of a Tanzania safari holiday, ensure that you have your dream rental car booked early to save yourself of stressful process. Reserving your rental car in Tanzania early offers you a great chance to enjoy some discounts or room to negotiate for better rates.

Rent a right car for the intended purpose

What ruins most of holidaymakers’ dream holiday experiences is not securing the right rental car. Wrong selection of rental car can land you in a car with poor conditions that put you at a risk of breakdown and road accidents. Considering Tanzania’s road conditions, the up-country routes are tough to drive on especially during the wet or rainy season. The rural routes are mostly unpaved and you need the best full-time 4×4 rental car.

Before making a choice, ensure that you take a look at various car rental companies and consider various requirements, rates and set policies/terms and conditions. The car rental company should be certified and safe. Other essentials to bear in mind when choosing a right car include pricing, insurance and car types change.

Documents required

When you think of hiring a car in Tanzania for your holiday, you will be expected to produce a valid ID/proof of identity card/visa/passport/driver’s permit or license plus proof of booking. Other car hire agencies require some deposit if you plan to use outside town.


The other extras that you shouldn’t leave without cross-checking when renting a car in Tanzania include insurance. Most insurances do cover a number of damages that won’t make you incur additional costs you never planned for. Other extras to check include spare tyres, tow rope, jumper cables, USB port, car booklet, roadmap and a lot more.

Choose the best cars

If it is city tours you plan to go for then choose from small to luxury sedans or even full-time 4×4 rental cars. Self-drive is perfect while in a 4×4 rental car and for off-the beaten track, rent a full-time 4-wheel drive Landcruiser.

Where to hire

Rental cars in Tanzania can easily be found at the airport or nearby places to tourist sites. Most car hire companies exist in Arusha, Zanzibar, Dar-es-Salaam, Mwanza, Moshi and many others. Please be in the know that self drive in Tanzania is not something common. There are a few car rental agencies that offer self drive car rental in the north of Tanzania. The most popular agencies include Car Rental Tanzania, Road Trip Tanzania, 4×4 Tanzania, Self Drive Tanzania and 4×4 Car Rentals.


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