With Covid-19 pandemic at hand, one can worry if it is safe and secure to travel to Rwanda or any country in the world. Well, regardless of the drastic change in the travel sector today, Rwanda is safe and secure to visit for a holiday. However, Rwanda just like the rest of the world, you need to take note of the travel warnings or alerts before you make actual trip. In this article, we bring to you the best safety travel tips to make your Rwanda holiday memorable.

Use of plastic bags is prohibited

In 2008, the Rwandan government banned use of non-biodegradable polyethylene plastic bags. This is one reason why Kigali is ranked among the cleanest cities in the world. After you have landed into Kigali Airport, thorough check can be mounted on visitor luggage and anyone with such prohibited bags is liable for a fine of 50,000 Rwandan Francs or even jailed. Therefore, all holidaymakers must ensure they are responsible travelers and throw the plastic bags in designated areas.

Travel insurance is essential

According to Rwandan law, anyone with plans to visit Rwanda must have health insurance. Failure to have it may mean 30 days for you to get one. Travel insurance policy with enough medical coverage inclusive of air medical evacuation is essential for all travelers because the medical facilities and services in Rwanda still offer basics.

How to get around

Rwanda is one of East Africa’s destinations with established and reliable bus networks to main cities, towns and neighboring states. You can secure a bus ticket or rent a car in Rwanda for all your journeys. Licensed taxis also exist around Kigali International Airport but the safest mode to get around Rwanda is private transportation. There are several reliable car hire companies to deal with and most importantly, we are the leading when it comes to car rental services.

Border safety

Before crossing from Rwanda to Uganda, first, cross check with the government authorities to ascertain if the borders are open. Border areas from Rwanda to Congo can close at anytime considering security issues in Eastern DR Congo.

Local laws to observe

  • Drug possession, usage or trafficking is highly prohibited and heavy fines can be put on you or be jailed.
  • Drinking and driving isn’t allowed and punishable by law
  • Photography of military, border crossing points/government buildings isn’t allowed.
  • Inappropriate and divisive talks on the 1994 Rwanda genocide can lead to financial penalties or imprisonment.

Crime within Rwanda

In Africa, Rwanda is remarkably one of the safest travel destinations to even explore as a solo traveler or on self-drive tour. However, there are petty crimes that are usually recorded in urban centres and they can be avoided if you are keen enough.

Gorilla trekking safety

Mountain gorillas are Rwanda’s top attractions drawing thousands of holidaymakers across the world to come enjoy a close encounter with them. Trekking to see gorillas is one thrilling experience you shouldn’t get back without participating in. Before hitting the jungles, you will undertake a briefing on rules and regulations/safety measure for gorilla trekking at Kinigi.


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