Did you know you can see the Equator and  also visit the Igongo cultural museum in mbarara for free, get full meals all day for less than $20 and spend a night in one of Uganda best safari camp at $30? How about  tracking gorillas in bwindi forest at $350, viewing wildlife at lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls national park  and a visit to lake Bunyonyi islands at a fare offer in just a minimum of 10 days. It’s interesting to do a budget holiday and save hundreds of dollars off your Uganda vacation no matter where you go. Get great local knowledge of Uganda budget tour experiences before embarking on yours a thing which will make your tour more wonderful than never before. You should forget push cars, bars, drinks and un necessary expenditures in order to make it successful. Consider the following and your Budget holidays will be marvelous.

Budget Tour Packages

Uganda has a number of budget tour packages for its visitors full of a lot to discover from Nature wildlife excursion, Game drives to capture sight of the Big Five in their nature habitat and other diversity of wild animals, culture, birding, beach and city gateways.

But its better if you lookout for free amazing activities or tour activities with good discounts and can only take a few dollars from your pocket. Visiting the source of the Nile, Sezibwa falls, white water rafting, wildlife viewing and island adventures to either Ssese or Bunyonyi Island are the most recommended.

Here a private budget tour is recommended in order to avoid over charge from local service providers who think all foreigners come to spend. Book with a responsible tour expert   who will take responsibility of transport accommodation, and organizing your trip itinerary .It will cost you not more than $1000 depending on your interest, activities and number of days.


At least every tourist attraction in Uganda can be accessible by road means of transport. Taxi, boda bodas (Motorbikes) and public transport buses should be your trend as long as you chose to discover the country on budget. Some times you can request you travel expert to guide you on how you can explore a destination alone if you want to spend a few extra dollars on another adventure after your budget holiday.

It happened when you return from southwestern Uganda tour adventures and you feel eastern Uganda should be your next spot. Public transport is flexible and cheap when it comes to travels around the country. Be flexible and love your adventure. For long distances public transport will cost you a minimum of $15 that is from Kampala to Kabale one way   and $3 from Kampala to Jinja. It’s exciting to share some services with locals and a common trend when it comes to budget adventures.

Budget Lodging

Look out for cheap and affordable hostels, campsites and lodges in parks and city centers on Bed & Breakfast basis like Kampala backpackers, Fatcats hostel, Redchil hostel, Nile river campsite, adrift campsite etc. Make sure you stick to your budget per night in order to save more and more. Despite the shared toilets and bathrooms all camps are well organized with good food and security. Tourists who spend nights here even get discounts on the day’s tourist activities operated by campsite or hostel owners especially white water rafting adventures in Jinja.

Above all they are less expensive and authentic. Roasted meat, sandwiches, chips and chicken plus local food and drinks go for less when got from street vendors and markets than in elevated Restaurants.

Always book camps and hostels on B&B basis and move out for lunch and dinner to catch up with cheap offers. Its amazing to budget for exciting and fun than doing it for the sake. Fantastic idea for sole travelers or groups.


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