The Victoria Falls is a beautiful natural wonder, rating as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is known to the locals as the Smoke that Thunders and today, it is still beautifully preserved in its natural state. Visitors stay in Victoria Falls accommodation all year round to visit what David Livingston said was a sight so lovely that they must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.

Feel like you are on an African safari

All kinds of accommodation cater for tourists who visit the Victoria Falls all year round. From lodges to hotels, to self-catering, you name it, and it is available. Because the Falls are so popular many travel agencies and tourist groups provide packages for visitors where they can get the most out of their holiday at this magnificent destination. For a certain price you can stay at one of the lodges or hotels mentioned in the short break package which usually is for about three nights’ accommodation, including breakfast. Usually included in your package will be return airfare, cross border airport transfers and sometimes a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. These packages usually are for people who live in the countries surrounding Zimbabwe, like South Africa for instance.

Near the Victoria Falls National park, you will find campsites like The Elephant camp which is only a mere ten minutes from the Victoria Falls. Here the emphasis is all on exclusivity, and if you love the idea of luxury tents with your own private viewing decks, plunge pools, indoor and outdoor showers and so much luxury to avail yourselves of, you won’t be disappointed. You can take an unforgettable elephant safari up to a certain point to the Falls.

If you’re looking for Midlands accommodation, visit Granny Mouse, the most charming country hotel in the Midlands.

View the Falls from your own private deck

When staying at Victoria Falls accommodation, you will hear many Zimbabweans claim that the best views you will ever get of the Victoria Falls is from their side of the Falls rather than from the Zambian side. It is true though that some stunning photography has been taken of the Victoria Falls, but a lot of it has been taken from small planes, micro-lights or helicopters, so nobody is quite sure from which side these magnificent photographs have been snapped.

Be that as it may, both countries share the magnificence of the mighty Zambezi River as it thunders down a series of massive gorges, creating thick clouds of mist that look like big balls of smoke. If you stand on the Victoria Falls Bridge, the view of the canyon and the gigantic curtain of water is considered to be one of the most awesome sights in the world. It is no wonder that people literally stream here in the thousands upon thousands to enjoy this water spectacle and to revel in the wonders of nature.

Hotels named after the great explorer

There is certainly plenty of accommodation of various kinds both along the Zambezi and in Livingstone, which is the historical town a short distance away from the falls, named after the famous British explorer, David Livingstone, who named the falls after his queen. One safari lodge is set up high on a plateau and it forms a natural boundary to one of the magnificent national parks near the majestic falls. Staying in an African lodge you will be amazed at the wonderful hospitality and food, rivalled by uninterrupted views and glorious sunsets. Most of the lodges have stuck with traditional African themes, using hardwoods, thatches and vibrant colours in their bedrooms and in a lot of the décor.


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