Uganda self-drive tips to keep you safe on the road: Whether it is a self-drive or group trip/family tour, what is important at the end of it all is your safety and comfort while on Uganda road trip. Once the 2 are achieved then be guaranteed of a trip full of lasting memories in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Firstly, we advise all our holidaymakers to ensure that they plan and reserve their rental car in advance to enjoy a smooth road trip. While on your Uganda self-drive, it is also important to observe some keenness. Here are some essential tips to help keep you safe and comfortable while on a self-drive tour in Uganda or during your safari in any of Uganda’s destinations.

Take note of the fuel type of your rental car

When planning for your self-drive car hire, inquire more on the fuel consumption of the car you want to use. Be open to your reservation team on your preferred kind of rental car. Take note that some vehicles do use diesel while others use petrol. Those that use petrol are a little costly unlike the ones which use diesel.

Carry a valid driving permit

Anyone on a plan to go self-drive in Uganda must have a valid driving permit. For all foreign travelers on self-drive tour in Uganda, please carry a valid international driving permit valid which has been with you for at least 2 years. You may also be required to present a document showing that you are allowed to go self-drive in Uganda. Copies of such essential documents should be presented before the car keys are given to you.

Do not drink and drive

Driving when under the influence of alcohol in Uganda is highly prohibited like it is a case in most countries. Breaking it puts you at a risk of being arrested something that ruins your holiday.

Hire a car from a reputable agency/company

Yes, there are several companies all offering car hire services in Uganda but it is essential to deal with the one which is reputable/recognized. When choosing a company to book your self-drive car in Uganda, it calls for some keenness. You need a rental company like ours that guarantees you exceptional self-drive car hire services.

Observe all traffic signs

No matter the part of Uganda you will be, the traffic signs/rules must be observed while on self-drive. They are guiding principles to your safety on the road while on Uganda self-drive road trip. Along the way, higher chances are that you will come across signage like speed limit, zebra crossing, do not overtake, traffic lights and many others.

Choose the right car for your safari/destination

When you think of renting a car, it is always important to take note that not every vehicle is fit for your trip. Your choice of rental car in Uganda should be in line with your safari interests. Preferably, a 4×4 safari vehicle is fit for most of Uganda safaris given its ability to navigate via all road conditions.

Driving to any part of Uganda

While on a self-drive, you must keep left and this is a little different from most countries that keep right. Driving the opposite side in Uganda can easily result into accidents and where you aren’t familiar, it is important to take professional driver services.


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